Products and services

Siegfried Müller Zinc Die Casting satisfies the needs of our customers by using the latest technologies. Renowned international companies from different industries have been amongst our satisfied and loyal customers for many years:

  • instrumentation and sensor
  • automotive
  • machinery equipment and engineering
  • furniture
  • electrical
  • electronics and telecommunications
  • lighting industry
  • house hold appliances
  • medical sector
  • drive and gear technology
  • sanitary industry
  • building Hardware
  • pneumatic and hydraulic industry

On request, we will send you an excerpt from our reference list of customers and get into contact with the responsible contact persons. Please feel free to contact us.

All manufacturing steps are possible: from simple naked zinc die casted part up to the machined, surface-treated, complex, ready-assembled module. The level of vertical integration is well defined with our customers.

The zinc die castings are manufactured according to high-quality and efficient production standards for our customers. Our long tradition and expertise in all areas of the zinc die casting technology is a guarantor.

Benefits of zinc

  • Zinc - an innovative and valuable material ...

    Our experienced engineers and technicians are dealing for years intensively with the zinc alloys and their properties and applications. Both, zinc alloy as material and the hot-chamber casting process, are always subject to new developments.

    Although zinc is associated – due to its high density - with heavy weight, zinc alloys are an exciting and interesting material.

    You are looking for …

    • components with superior mechanical strength?
    • complex geometries and shapes?
    • thin-walled components (up to 0.5mm thickness) with high stiffness and torsional rigidity?
    • varied surface coatings?
    • surface coatings with high requirements regarding appearance and feel?
    • low-cost inexpensive die castings?
    • components with excellent corrosion properties?
    • valuable quality design with a feel and appearance?
    • precision parts with close tolerances and dimensional accuracy?
    • products with high repetition accuracy?
    • complex housing with electromagnetic shielding (EMI-interference)?

    No problem ... Our designers and engineers support you actively for the construction of new die casting components based on innovation, creativity and experience. Even in case of unusual and crazy ideas ... always at the limit of what can be done. Although this sometimes requires to pursue unusual paths.

    Think Zinc!

  • Benefits of zinc alloys
    • Tight tolerances (dimensional accuracy) and dimensional high precision: typical tolerance for zinc die casting parts is about one thousandth (1/1000th) of the nominal length (DIN 1688, GTA12). The main advantage: further secondary post-finishing steps to achieve close tolerances are not absolutely necessary. Control of dimensions can be significantly reduced. This means clearly cost savings. Tight tolerances is especially highly appreciated by the rapidly growing electronics industry and interesting for the production of miniature and small components.
    • excellent mechanical properties: the mechanical properties of zinc alloys are in most aspects superior to many other diecast materials. Hardness, yield strength, tensile strength, elongation properties and Young’s modulus offer outstanding properties compared to other material.
    • numerous surface treatments: there is hardly no surface coating - technical as well as pure aesthetic or decorative - which is not suitable for zinc die casting parts. Hard chrome, gold plating, electrocataphoresis , zinc plating, passivation, chromating, chromiting, powder and lacquer paint (in whatever colour (RAL)), wet painting, EDPD (teflon), special coatings (e.g. Gliss Coat, ...) with marking (laser, printing, ...) and even PVD deposit are suitable and possible surface coatings for zinc die castings. There really are no limits in the surface coating design.
    • look and feel: Zinc diecasting parts are characterized by a mix of valuable appearance and an agreeable feel. Due to the unlimited possibilities of surface treatment, visually very appealing components can be developed. Its solid feel gives the required added-value.
    • high productivity - rapid production sequence: the hot chamber die casting process is one of the fastest production process for the production of castings or complex components. Typical production figures of 300-400 parts per hour are absolutely not uncommon.
    • extended die lifetime: 2 mio. cycles with a single die casting mould ? In zinc die casting ... absolutely no problem.
    • minimal post-processing or machining allowance (“net-shape casting”): secondary post-finishing operations are in most cases not necessary for zinc die casting. External male thread can usually be casted. Casting of components with close tolerances (SPC) is easily possible (up to GTA12) (“net-shape casting”). Deburring marks are often not visible or can be removed easily by appropriate simple and inexpensive (vibration grinding, grinding, thermal deburring, ... ).
    • multi cavity tools: mould tooling costs can be greatly reduced by implementation of several identical or different Zinc die casting parts in one single die casting mould. This can be an interesting option in case of an assembly consisting of several zinc die casting parts.
    • thin-walled casting: do you know that wall thicknesses of just 0.3 mm are possible to cast in zinc alloys ? There's no need to hide for zinc die casting parts in case of light-weight design. There are really no limits to reduce weight of components
    • complex design – all in one single shot: full integration of complex shapes or features in a single component - including undercuts and casted holes. In most cases, all necessary functions can be integrated in a single casting. Compared to other manufacturing processes that’s a key cost and time factor. Engineers and designers can make sure to have sufficient space to develop their ideas and let their imagination run free.
    • excellent corrosion resistance properties: even without any additional top coating, zinc die casting parts can be used easily even in harsh and aggressive industrial or maritime environments.
    • EMI - electromagnetic shielding: zinc alloys are the suitable material to protect electrical and electronic components from electromagnetic radiations or interferences. There is no need for additional complex and expensive conductive Cu-coatings (such as this is the case for housings in plastics). Zinc alloys are resistant to bending and thermal deformation and prevent the penetration of noise frequencies. Leakage problems that often arise in case of metal-coated plastic parts belongs to the past.
    • recycling: Zinc alloys are 100% fully recyclable. Zinc recycling is an important contribution to sustainability
    • high repetition accuracy: the manufacture of identical parts is possible due to a stable casting process, the long tool life and the physical properties of the alloys. And that over a long period of time