Siegfried Müller Zinc Die Casting:
We produce more than zinc die casting components

Our success is no secret – our customers know about it. Product development, qualified and motivated employees and individual customer service are the essential elements. Since more than 60 years, we work closely with our customers - from idea or concept to first prototype. Optimized and ingenious zinc die casting parts are the result of that close cooperation. Finally, only quality and profitability of the product are essential. Our components are highly flexible and optimally adapted to individual customer needs. For these reasons, Siegfried Müller Zinc Die Casting is one of the leading producers of zinc die casting components.

Fact & figures about Siegfried Müller:

  • 67 years of tradition and innovation - since 1948 for you
  • established rapidly growing family business in 2nd generation
  • 3000 m² production area
  • Modern Mold and Tool with 2 ProEngineer CAD jobs
  • more than 90 qualified QS employees – always ready to respond to all QA requirements and customer needs ... and beyond
  • one of the market leader for job-casting of high-quality and high demanding zinc die castings
  • a wide range of products - more than 2,000 different zinc die casting parts in-house
  • specializes in components for medical and electrical engineering, components for plant and machinery,...
  • serving more than 200 satisfied national and international customers
  • 11 modern hot chamber zinc die-casting machines

Siegfried Müller: Our expertise

  • 1. Individual customer service always in focus

    Your success is our goal. Therefore, we individually respond to your wishes to get the most appropriate and most effective solution to meet your needs. We react to individual customer requirements and provide tailor-made product and service solutions.

    We attach great importance to work closely with our customers to work together and help them actively. And that at all levels.

    • you prefer rather small lot sizes?
    • you want to know more about zinc and the die casting technology?
    • you are looking for an optimal logistic solution for your product?
    • you are looking for special surface coatings for your product?
    • you are looking for individual for your order?
    • you are looking for an inexpensive, but technical solution?

    No problem! We offer individual solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of each product tailored. We are always there for you!

  • 2. Our people make the success

    Motivated and highly qualified people at all levels - from management to the production or post-finishing. That’s the most effective strategy to satisfy customer demands and to assure the quality of our products. Products are still produced by human beings. Our recipe is simple: continuous promotion and motivation of our staff.

    Our employees are always actively involved in many decision-making processes. To meet these objectives professional, personal and social expertise is absolutely required. We therefore attach great importance to the continuous development of our employees. Employee motivation, individual goal definition, internal communication, continuous education and training programs are just some elements of our success.

  • 3. Our competence: know-how and experience

    Siegfried Müller zinc die casting is your partner for the development of innovative and complex zinc die casting parts.

    Do you have a product with special requirements ? Do you need to produce a sophisticated zinc die casting component with some complex features and are looking for an equal partner making the impossible possible? With us, you made an excellent choice. All our employees are highly motivated to find the best possible solution to your project – together with you. Your design experience combined with our experience and know-how in zinc die casting and mould tooling form a strong team. Simply unbeatable! With us simply nothing is impossible!

    With Siegfried Müller zinc die casting you will have found a competent partner for your zinc die casting components. In close collaboration with our experienced engineers and technicians you will be able to develop your project - from idea or concept to the final product. You will benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of our staff and specialists through efficient and tailor-made solutions for optimized part and mould design. You save valuable time, reduce costs and thereby increase your capacity to act.

    Our know-how and creativity combined with a stringent, quality-oriented approach as well as practical suggestions for the final implementation – a successful approach to get the maximum output for your project. The combination of specialist know-how and extensive experience in the development of die casting parts, our designers are in a position to further develop existing solutions in a constructive manner.

    Specific and individual requirements and demands sometimes require unconventional new approaches in development and design, mould tooling, foundry and post-finishing. We know everything about zinc and its properties. We will always do our best to get the best solution for your project. Do the math!

We offer zinc die castings in its best shape.

The service doesn’t start only with production. At the development and design stage of a new product, we already try to support our customers with our extensive know-how. After the feasibility study, our construction engineers and consultants work closely together with our customers to successfully develop new products. It is important to get in the early design phase, a project which is suitable to cast. We comply with the customer demands which are translated into optimal solutions. Our offer is varied and flexible responding to all customer specific requirements. Semi-finished zinc die castings are subject to a different post-finishing operation performed on product-specific special equipment. The supply of zinc die casting components with whatever surface finish or in an pre-mounted assembly is assure by qualified and competent partners. We see ourselves as a full service provider. The degree of vertical integration is always defined by the customer.

Special care is dedicated to the mould tooling. The quality of the finished parts is mainly influenced by the quality and design of the mould. High accuracy and extended die life time assure cost-effective production of zinc die casting components. High level of performance and expertise of our designers and mould makers are important when converting drawings into prototypes or the final die casting moulds.

We work with Solid Works, Pro Engineer and a mould-filling simulation software.

The regular maintenance and appropriate storage of moulds allows us to ensure immediate and long-term readiness-for-use of existing moulds. More than 3000 different moulds are safely stored in our mould warehouse. Short-term orders or special individual requirements can be processed within a very short time frame.

The high quality standard of our zinc die castings is particularly is assured by the use of the most modern zinc die casting machines. Computer-controlled equipment process high grade zinc alloys (according to EN1774) using hot-chamber technology. Innovative two-chamber furnaces assure stable bath temperature and bath level in the crucible. The monitoring of our zinc die casting machines is assured through display screen control. Additionally, all important casting parameters are continually controlled and monitored. This to assure a cost-effective, high-quality output i.e.:

  • mechanical strength
  • excellent surface finish
  • ultra thin wall casting
  • sound microstructure with reduced porosity
  • tight tolerances and dimensional stability
  • reduced or short cycle time
  • no or minimum post-finishing operation
  • high repeating accuracy

The customer gets everything from one single source. On special demand we will provide the ready for use finished product. After the casting, the parts are processed defined by the specific customer requirements: trimming, deburring (manually, thermal or on a trimming press), vibration grinding, sand or shot blasting or grinding. We take care to the smallest features when it comes to fine-tuning finishing and machining. By means of special-purpose machines we carry out simultaneous operations, even for zinc die casting parts with high requirements in dimensional and shape accuracy. In co-operation with a longstanding proven network of external specialists and subcontractors, we are able to supply any surface finish to satisfy any special requirement:

  • decorative appearance
  • additional corrosion protection
  • Increased wear resistance


Your partner since 1948 for zinc die casting components

  • 1948-1989

    1948: foundation of Siegfried-Müller Druckguss by Mr Müller and the design and construction of the first die casting machine

    1951: one of the first zinc die casting shops in Ruhr-Rhein area

    1970: purchase of the company building at its current location, Industriestr. 32, 42551 Velbert.

    1981: unexpected death of the second Manager, Siegbert Müller at the age of 31 years.

    1983: 1st prize winning award German zinc die casting competition, category “best new development or conversion”: “drive belt wheel”

    1989: death of the founder Siegfried Müller. Takeover of the management by his wife, his daughter and his son-in-law.

  • 1990-2024

    1990: specialization of the product range to high-quality castings

    1995: increase of production surface (900m² to 2500m²)

    1996: certification 9001:2001

    1999: 2nd prize winning award German zinc die casting competition, category “best new development or conversion”: “16x16 clamp for releasably connecting profiles”

    2005: Expansion of the mold 750m², moving into own hall, Industriestr. 30

    2010: 1st prize winning award European zinc die casting competition category “Advanced applications”: “Galileo's Bite Holder”

    2012: Purchase of a neighboring building. Now over 3.000m² production area

    2014: 1st prize of the Zinc Diecasting Competition of the Zink Initiative and the receipt of a special prize

    2014: Certification according to ISO 50001

    2015: Commissioning of a 125t and a 315t die casting machine with a real-time control and purchase of the machines Frech W20 and W125 which were exhibited at the GIFA in Düsseldorf by the company Frech. These are equipped with the latest technology that Frech has to offer, including the Frech Gating System, which allows low-circulation casting

    2015: Switch of CAD software from Pro E to SolidWorks

    2016: Construction of a new warehouse and purchase of a Mitutoyo measuring machine

    2017: Purchase of a mould filling simulation

    2018: Purchase of a 200t die casting machine with real-time control and a Brother machining center

    June 2018: Move into the new office building Langenbergerstraße 149

    2019: Purchase the third 125t die casting machine with real-timecontrol

    2020: Purchase of a Brother machining center and a Keyence measuring projector

    2021: Purchase of a Frech W125 die casting machine with RC control and a Keyence measuring machine XM-2200 including CAD digital test station

    2022: Purchase of a Frech W125 die casting machine with RC control

    2022: 1st place in the European zinc die casting competition

    2022: 1st place in the zinc die casting competition of the Zinc Initiative, category Life Style

    2022: Purchase of a Brother Speedio 450X machining center and a Fehlmann high-speed milling machine and switching to Master CAM

    2023: Purchase of a Frech W80 die casting machine, another Brother Speedio S700X machining center, and a YCN type NXV600A, frequency-controlled screw compressor with heat exchanger

    2024: 2nd place in the European zinc die casting competition

    2024: Automation of a Brother Speedio S700X machining center (Part change with robot)

    2024: 1st place in the zinc die-casting competition of the Zinc Initiative, category Innovation

  • Innovative by tradition

    Siegfried-Müller Zinc Die casting – a competent, reliable and forward-looking partner in the zinc die casting industry. Since more than 70 years, we work on high technical level as job-die caster to serve our customers. Only who is able to evolve and progress in timely manner, is able to offer competitive and cost-effective zinc die casting components meeting the high quality requirements of our customers. The permanent technological change and evolution are the main drivers to deliver an optimized solution. Time never stands still - and continuous change is a fact.

    Since 1948, we have been successfully manufacturing high-quality zinc die cast components and assemblies. By means of modern hot chamber zinc die casting machines with locking force ranging from 20 to 315t, we produce zinc die casting parts with a unit weight between 1g to 5 kg. Most advanced technologies and equipment enable to meet the demands of many well-known companies active in a variety of different industries:

    • furniture and building hardware
    • machinery engineering and equipment
    • electronics
    • electrical engineering
    • automotive (transportation)
    • medical application
    • lightning industry
    • furniture fittings
    • household appliances
    • decorative items and gifts

    We continually attentively pursue the technical advancement of production processes for the benefit of our customers. This makes us a partner for cost-effective and reliable production. For a good reason.